2014 Will Home Owners Over Power Investors?


2013 has proved to be a year where investors were buying more single family homes then families.Own Your Family Home for Peace of Mind

As a Realtor my income comes from selling homes and is the same no matter who the buyer is.  However it saddens me to watch investors take advantage of the market which was stimulated to help the average family.

The housing bubble has created fear in the minds of Would Be (Should Be) Home Buyers. We are now entering into 2014 which I believe will be the year where we see historically low interest rates and great home prices going away.

It is time to secure affordable housing for your family before inflation destroys you opportunity. When interest rates start climbing your buying power goes south quickly. a 2% jump in interest rate can equate to as much as a 20% decrease in buying power.

Right now if a family qualified for a $300,000 home with a comfortable mortgage payment that would be more comfortable over time. In the near future the same income may only qualify your family to buy a $240,000 home which may be smaller and not meet your family’s needs of the future.

So Please take a little time out of your busy day and speak to a Realtor. You very well may be surprised that you can afford to own a nicer place than you rent for less money out of your pocket every month.


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