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1. Choosing the right agent – Make sure your Realtor is a professional who

is committed to meeting your needs. If Google doesn’t know the

Realtor’s Name, That person may not be very good at introducing your

home to Google.

2. Get pre-qualified before shopping for a home – Home shopping before

you know what you qualify for is a waste of your time. Its important to

know what your budget is so that your agent can find homes that won’t

break your bank.

Ask your Realtor for a list of lenders that have done a good job for other


3. Realtors have access to tools besides open houses or ads in the paper. Let

your Realtor help you with the vast resources at his/her disposal.

4. Be open to considering alternatives – The house of your dreams may or

may not look like what you originally had in mind. Keep your options


5. Plan ahead – Think about whether this home is going to meet your needs

for the long term, or whether you might want to live there for the short

term, then rent it out or sell it when you are ready to buy again.

6. Ask questions – Be sure to research the areas you want to live, to find out

what they offer and what you might not like about them. And don’t be

shy, Let your Realtor know what you like and dislike about each home

you view. Remember it is not their house and they will not be offended.

He or she will only learn how to better select the right property for you.

7. Always insist on a home inspection – Saving a few hundred dollars by

not having an inspection can cost you a fortune in repairs later.

By Don Maclary

William E Wood Associate


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After moving my Aunt into assisted living I listed her condo with Don who was recommended through moving company. I live 8 hrs away from the property – Don’s service has been outstanding; always just within a phone call away and has worked relentlessly to secure qualified buyer. His knowledge of the business is apparent and his professionalism is unsurpassed.
~ Kathy, Real Estate Seller

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