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Buying and selling of real estate typically slows down during the holiday season, and understandably so.  People are caught up in planning and shopping for the holidays, entertaining guests, attending parties, etc.  Looking for or selling a home is not anywhere near the top of their lists.  Most people are of the mindset that waiting until the first of the year, or waiting until spring makes sense.
Here are five reasons to act now instead of waiting:
1.  Fewer people are in the market so there is a much greater chance that a buyer won’t get caught in a multiple offer situation on a really great well priced home.
2.  Seller’s may be anxious to get their homes sold before the end of the year, so they may be more negotiable on price.
3.  Interest rates are at an all time low NOW, and no one really knows how long that will last, so waiting a month or two or three may make a difference in the rate buyers have to pay.
4.  Homes on the market are usually decorated nicely for the holiday season and kept cleaner and tidier than normal because of expected guests arrivals, so they may show very well during this season.
5.  From a seller’s perspective, there are fewer homes on the market, thus less competition. Therefore a seller may be able to expect to get a buyer sooner and possibly a better price.  (I realize this is in direct contrast to what I wrote in #2 above, but both scenarios are certainly possible and do exist this time of year.)
So, don’t hesitate.  Act now. Start Your Search!By Don Maclary


Don is very easy to deal with. He is always available and has does everything he can to help us out! Great, reliable agent.
~ Liz, Real Estate Seller

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