Home For The Holidays

Should I buy or should I rent

Home for the holidays, Sounds like a road trip but very well might be a great suggestion.

Buying a home for your family can be a great investment in not just a place to make and share memories, More importantly it can help with financial stability for the future. Learn How to buy a home.

Christmas holidays not only denote joy, thanksgiving and generosity, but also the reality of a New Year fast approaching. For those buying or selling a home tax ramifications fall in the fore shadow that gets lost in the cooking, cleaning and holiday decorating. But there are important points to being in the forefront if you want to maximize your tax strategies for Next Year.

 If you are buying a home, here are some important tax deductions to think about:


1.     Mortgage interest deduction.   

2.     Real estate tax deduction.

3.     PMI deductions (if applicable)

4.     Interest on home equity line of credit.    

5.     Points paid for purchase

6.     Home improvements for medical care

7.     Moving expenses

This is not an all inclusive list. All of these items may put you in a lower tax bracket – this saves you money! 

8.    As always consult your tax advisor for specific advice pertinent to your situation. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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