Marketing Your Home for Sale and Hitting your Target

Listing your home in Norfolk, Suffolk, Virginia Beach or chesapeake

Online Target Marketing of Local Homes for Sale ………..

In today’s market if your home for sale is not visible online your chances of getting a good offer is greatly reduced. List your home with William E Wood  today and get your home sold. we all know there are hundreds of real estate agents out there anxious to List your home for sale, many of them are top notch agents and you are stuck with the task of sorting them out. Not so much fun you have your part time agent at your office who you are afraid might get their feelings hurt. Worse than that you might have an Aunt or Uncle in the business.

How do you make the right choices in selecting a Realtor that will be marketing your Real Estate?

The most important thing to remember  is that selling your home is not a social event, It is a Large Business Transaction involving your hard earned money.

Don’t worry about hurting feelings in this decision and choose a professional with the marketing skills to get your home sold at a fair price. A good place to start your research is to ask your friends and family for a few they might recommend. Once you have a few to choose from narrow it down by speaking with them. See if they answer the phone this is extremely important as you would not want a request to show your property to go unanswered. Communications is important make sure you are at ease speaking with the Realtor’s you are choosing between.

Now that you have a few Realtor’s to choose from check their skills at Online Target Marketing.

This is the easy part just ask Uncle Google Put each of your choices names in to a search engine and see if they have the skills to market themselves. If you can not easily see that they are a full time Realtor by putting their name in Google, Good luck with finding their listings of homes for sale.

If you are thinking about Listing your home for sale anywhere in the Hampton Roads, Suffolk, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach or other outlying areas,  please contact us for a free no obligation consultation. Sell your home with the power of William E Wood and Online Target Marketing.


Don did a great job helping me find a home. He went above and beyond to help with all the paperwork. I didn’t have a printer so he let me borrow his at his house to get all the documents completed in a time. My experience as a first time buyer was awesome.
~ Eric, Real Estate Buyer

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