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Mortgage MoneyCommunication is the reason home buyers are gravitating to Local Lenders today. The guidelines for getting a home loan, Have become very strict in today’s Real Estate Market hence national news coverage typically leads consumers to the thought of, Oh No I’ll never qualify.

I am here to tell you that those who do not try to qualify will not! National lenders often time have a loan agent in one city, a processor in another city and an underwriter in yet another. Phones and fax machines are great but as kids we all did the telephone game and saw each time the message transferred to the next person the message was slightly different.

Many times I have introduced clients who were frustrated with national lenders to one of the local lenders, Creating a happy camper, Well actually they did not have to camp anymore.

They became happy homeowners!

With today’s prices and rates you to should become a happy homeowner…………………………… A few examples: Nick Russo, Towne Mortgage Has gone above and beyond helping clients fix glitches in there credit. working closely with local underwriters, explaining issues in person just down the hall.Working diligently, sometimes long hours to get clients to closing on time. Robert Ashburner, Monarch Mortgage Robert teaches a free first time home buyer’s class helping new buyer’s understand the home buying process.Many times this helps them qualify for a lower rate and few have been able to buy with no money down programs.He as well works hard not to have any closing delays, national lenders often go home Friday at 3PM and are unreachable till Mondaythis will easily cause a closing delay.Bobby however was on vacation in the Caribbean when a client did all the wrong things for a smooth closingin respect to moving money issues. I sent him an email and within hours he put down his relaxing cocktail on the beach, got in contact with underwriting and we closed on time. Jennifer Franklin, Prosperity Mortgage For our loyal Wells Fargo clients who want local service.Prosperity does Wells Fargo loans locally and I should mention that one of my clients who buys investment property uses her and in 21 days she went from ratified contractto the closing table. Liliana Yee Peoples Home Equity, Inc. Mentioned earlier, the new tougher guidelines can be a challenge  and by adding Liliana in the mix if you live anywhere in Hampton Roads I would have to say you are in good hand with any of the above Lenders.

All of the above Lender’s service All of Hampton Roads.

 Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Portsmouth and Smithfield.

By Don Maclary


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After moving my Aunt into assisted living I listed her condo with Don who was recommended through moving company. I live 8 hrs away from the property – Don’s service has been outstanding; always just within a phone call away and has worked relentlessly to secure qualified buyer. His knowledge of the business is apparent and his professionalism is unsurpassed.
~ Kathy, Real Estate Seller

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