Make Hickory School Zoning Work For You!

Opportunity can be found in disappointing news about Chesapeake School re-zoning.

Invest in your futureMany families are busy being upset that the school board has decided to draw new lines, that they fail to see the opportunity lurking in the background.

Sure it is an obstacle, However if you take a minute to see the forest through the trees it might be perfect timing to invest in your future in a way you never thought of. Turn your anger into forward thinking.

Set an appointment with a member of Howard Hanna’s Choose A Home Team  and learn how many of you are in good position the start an additional income stream by making the home you are currently in into a positive cash flow rental investment. Allowing the opportunity for your family buy a second home in the new zone for the school you want your children in.

We help clients do this as a a semi-passive source of income building toward retirement. Many of the wealthiest people in this country have made earned their wealth through real estate investing.

You owe it to yourself to at least explore this option Call Today (757) 376-3967 or choose one of our agents to email a question to  We will come explain how it works with no obligation.

Looking forward to assisting your family…………


Don always works hard to get the best deal for his clients, from the $1,000,000 + transaction to the first time home buyer. He is dedicated to serving their interests and ensuring the process is smooth for them.
~ Ryan, Real Estate Pro

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