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You may be getting tired of real estate professionals continued claims that “Now is the time to buy”, or “Don’t miss the boat!”   No one, including me, likes to feel pressured into buying something, anything, whether we need it or not.  Everyone hates to feel like if we don’t act RIGHT NOW, we will miss out on the best deal ever.

But the truth is, we really haven’t ever, in our lifetime, seen conditions this good for buying real estate.  We all know how badly the real estate market took a beating a few years ago, and how long it has been taking to recover and get back to some sort of normal.  Its no secret that interest rates continue to be so low that some of us like to say that its almost free right now to borrow, if you have decent credit.  Its also no secret that home prices, while starting to inch upwards, are still very low compared to a few short years ago.

That is the good news, especially for buyers and new investors.  The bad news is that this current condition of low interest rates and low prices is not permanent.  The Federal government is working on new laws with the intent to protect consumers and lenders from the disastrous housing slump from happening again.  The effect of these new laws remains to be seen, however, it is possible that stricter lending practices could make it more difficult for some to obtain a home loan, and could potentially drive interest rates up.

None of us can predict the future.  However, we do know what is happening right now in the real estate market.  And NOW really is the time to BUY!  Start your home search today!

By Don Maclary

William E Wood Associate





Don always works hard to get the best deal for his clients, from the $1,000,000 + transaction to the first time home buyer. He is dedicated to serving their interests and ensuring the process is smooth for them.
~ Ryan, Real Estate Pro

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