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Mobile and Desktop searching has become a national past time. Or maybe more like a daily routine such as brushing teeth. We search the internet for everything these days, cars, homes, movie reviews, jewelry, lenders, mortgage rates, medical information, realtors…the list is endless.

You probably do what most people do and never go past the first page in whatever search engine you are using, google, bing, yahoo, etc. But since advertisers know that people rarely go past page 1 in their searches, the paid advertisers are all paying big money to be at the top of page 1, leaving most of the relevant search results on page 2 and 3 and so on.

Try doing what I have been doing lately. Next time you are searching for something, anything, scroll down to the bottom of Page1 and click over to Page 2. You will find some good search results right there. Many times it is the local, trusted companies who end up on page two. Give it a try for a couple of weeks and see if you agree with me. Page 2 may actually be more helpful than Page 1 in your searches.

Once you have tried it for a couple weeks, come back here and comment on this post. I’d love to get your feedback.

By Don Maclary


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After moving my Aunt into assisted living I listed her condo with Don who was recommended through moving company. I live 8 hrs away from the property – Don’s service has been outstanding; always just within a phone call away and has worked relentlessly to secure qualified buyer. His knowledge of the business is apparent and his professionalism is unsurpassed.
~ Kathy, Real Estate Seller

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