Searching Homes For Sale Online – Good or Bad

Searching homes for sale online good or badSearching homes for sale online is the norm today, However it can do more harm then good!

The ability to search for homes online is a powerful tool, Like a skill saw is a powerful tool to a carpenter……….

We all know that a skill saw can save a carpenter hours of labor as he or she goes through the day as opposed to using a hand saw.

We also know that letting a child play with a hand saw is not the best of ideas, as the odds of the child getting hurt or cutting off a finger is huge.

OK so what harm can come from Searching Homes Online? It is a wealth of information  providing data, pictures, addresses etc.

There is a commercial on TV where the person say’s it has to be true it was on the internet. And yes there is a wealth of good information on the internet. Now when it comes to Real Estate  there is also a wealth of good information, however it is often behind by a few days and sometimes weeks. Why would you think a Realtor would pay for online access if they could get the same information for free.

Free Real Estate Information Online or Free Real Estate Information from a Local Professional Realtor Working For You?

Here is the difference  the do it yourselfer usually spends much more time gathering information that is often times outdated by the time they get it. The biggest problem is not the information they get it is the information they do not get.  Free sites do not provide important information about short sale or foreclosure leaving an incorrect assumptions of neighborhood value.

The order in which a home search should be done in most cases is better understood by a professional who can guide you in the right direction.  Remember the Realtor Commission in almost all transactions is paid by the seller so what logic is there in doing this research yourself.  Many clients look online for months not finding what they want and within day’s of working with a Realtor have the home of their dreams under contract.

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