Walkability a big part of picking a property to buy!

walk scoreWalk Score.  Most people don’t know what that means.  Its understandable.  Its 
the newest, trendiest lingo used in real estate, grading the walking distance 
from your home to the places you go most often.   In an effort to keep my 
ChooseaHomeNow site very user friendly, the homes for sale search on my site, which also has google
mapping, gives Walk Scores for each home for sale.

Here’s how it works

Get your Walk Score from your phone by searching nearby homes.

and why it benefits you to know your “walk score”.  Let’s say you are looking
for a home that is close to your work, convenient to shopping and within blocks
from your kids’ school. 

From the new home of your choice can you:

Walk to work?
Walk to a grocery store?
Walk to a
Walk your kids to school?
Walk to Starbucks?
Walk to the Post
Walk to your Hair Salon?
Walk to the Library?
Walk to the local
Sports Bar?

If the answer is yes to any or all of these, then your score
goes up. The more you answer “no”, then the walk score goes down.

So, if
you like to be able to walk to these places from your home of choice, then you
want to look for a place with a HIGH walk score.  If you would rather live
further out away from things, then you want to look for a home with a LOWER walk

By Don Maclary


Choosing a Home Made Easy…
Don is completely dedicated to making his clients happy, not simply selling houses. Don worked tirelessly introducing me to the area and making sure I knew where I wanted to be, and then really took the time to find out exactly what I wanted. I am so happy with how seamlessly this whole process came together. After hearing horror stories of other first-time home buyers’ experiences, I can honestly say mine was a dream! Thanks Don. 


Renee M

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