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Why Contact A Howard Hanna Realtor?

In today’s real estate market the need for Home Buyer’s & Home Sellers to use a Realtor is greater then ever. Foreclosure sales have been part of the equation for ever and it is a relatively simple process. With the more recent addition to the market Short Sales have become a virtual nightmare. They are manageable when all parties understand what they  are and how it can impact them as either a Buyer or Seller. Many agents today still do not fully understand what they truly are and how the process works. I am sure this is true not just here in Hampton Roads but across the country as well. First the word short in the term Short Sale is very misleading as it has to do with dollars not time, If it had to do with time it would be called a Long Sale. Investors are great candidates for a short sale because it does not affect their family and where they live. A home buyer who needs a place to live in the next 30 -60 days should not even consider a short sale as they are likely to wind up as a very disappointed potential buyer. Often times the list price does not reflect what the bank is willing to accept, making the actual sell price thousands above the list price. The potential buyer now maybe 60 day into a transaction finds themselves unwilling or unqualified to pay the adjusted price. Not understanding this upfront makes for a dissatisfied client who may have also just missed out on a good interest rate. A Local Realtor has the right tools for the area. Although it is true that the vast majority of people looking to buy a home start with a search for homes online. There are many great home search tools available on the internet today provided by sites like Trulia, Zillow and of coarse my local favorite for Hampton Roads  The world of Real Estate is still very much a hands on person to person transaction and needs more detailed information then provided on any one public website. A Realtor pays to access information on networks not available to consumers. Compare your skill sets to other professions, If you would use a plumber, electrician, carpenter, accountant, doctor or lawyer to do a job for you, Why would you not as a home buyer or seller, use a professional Realtor when moving to negotiate the sale for you.

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