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When shopping for a home to buy a somewhat overlooked factor is the fact that that a very small percentage are cash purchases. What this means is you also have to shop for a Home Mortgage and in today’s market it is a recommended practice to use a local lender. Strict requirements have been placed on Mortgage Lenders  which has been broadcast through the news media here in Hampton Roads and probably across the country, Leading home buyer’s to think they might not qualify, And home seller’s  think it is not a good time to sell. This is not the case, In the past loans were given to people who did not qualify creating a mess in the real estate world. People have become afraid of rejection and don’t bother to ask if they qualify when many actually would. Here is the real difference you have to prove it. How this is done is by providing a paper trail of tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements etc. Creating a mortgage nightmare for the loan officer yes , But not for the buyer if he or she works with a local lender they can sit down and easily handle this. It is the loans where the underwriters are in another state where phone and email messages get misunderstood that creates buyer headaches.

Home Sales Prices have corrected  from the bubble.

So please keep in mind if you don’t ask to get qualified you won’t.

As time goes on an interest rate change of 2% is around a 20% change in purchasing power, reducing you ability to obtain your dream home.


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Don is the secret to meeting your needs. Don is the man you want to help you with your real estate needs when you are looking to sell at top dollar as quickly as possible or are looking to be professionally represented the purchase of your next or first home. I bring buyers to Don that I have taught to purchase homes. I educate buyers on the benefits of making a competitive offer so that their dreams are realized. Together Don and I help sellers and buyers achieve their goals… call us today and let us help you with yours…
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