Five Real Estate Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Home Search

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Buying a home is huge investment and it is not one to take lightly. Before you  dive into a real estate home search or go online and search google, Trulia, Zillow & ChoosaHomeNow for real estate, you need to ask yourself a few questions first.

First of all, you need to figure out the city you will be moving to. Chesapeake, Suffolk, Virginia Beach or Norfolk and how well suited it will be for your needs? It may seem pretty obvious to you why you want to purchase a home and be an owner instead of staying in your current rental or other situation. But it is important that you look at where and how you are living and figure out what would change for you by moving to a different City.  Discuss this with a local Realtor before you sell the home you are in now. There are many things about being a homeowner that are difficult and you should understand that before you move and it is too late.

The second question that is a big one is whether or not you have the money for a down payment on a home. Most people understand when they start looking at Homes for Sale that they will have to make a mortgage payment each month when they become homeowners. But what some people completely forget is that in order to buy that great home with three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, they must first come up with a down payment. Ten percent is a good rule of thumb, but more is always better.

NOTE: If you are Military or a First Time Buyer Starting a home search there are programs often available to you that allow you to move into a home with little or no money down. The Choose A Home Team offers a Free one day class for potential home buyers to learn the process.

Are you ready to get moving and pick a class date?

You should also be asking yourself if you have a steady income to pay the mortgage as well as for maintenance of the home. Though it would be nice if there was a real estate office out there that only listed homes that never needed any work, the truth is that houses are expensive and there always seems to be something that needs fixed or replaced no matter how new the home. To make sure choose a home that you can afford, many online listings offer a mortgage calculator to help buyers decide if the monthly payments fit into their budget.

One question that many potential homeowners forget to ask is how long they are planning on staying in the home. If you have done a real estate search and found what seems to be the perfect home, you may think that you will want to stay in that home for the rest of your life. Surely that is your choice, but if you are just married with no kids or are single, you have to think about how your life will change and if your house will always fit your needs.

Finally, you must ask yourself, am I ready to take on the responsibility of a homeowner? Besides paying the mortgage, there are many other responsibilities that come with owning a home. Keeping the house clean inside and out is a huge task, but there are other things to consider as well. Along with the mortgage payment, you will have to pay utilities. And don’t forget about mowing the lawn, things that you didn’t have to do when you lived in an apartment.

One of the newest questions coming int play when people are deciding where to move is What is the Walk Score.

Especially the Millinial’s who are choosing to live closer play zones than work zones. Everyone has to go to work and not allowed to drink on the job. Making logical sense that the ability to walk to the bar and drive to work can be a safety factor in the selection which neighborhood to be moving into.

Thank You for considering The Choose A Home Team With Howard Hanna Real Estate for all of your housing needs. You will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of service you will receive. It is important to know your Realtor is in your corner ready to negotiate a good deal for you. We take the time to listen to your needs and help develop a logical real estate plan that fits not only fits your budget but also takes into account where life may me taking you over the next few years. First time buyers often only see current circumstances. A good choice for a home is one that can handle the now and also the possible life changes over the next few years. Examples are obvious but not always thought about when focused on todays needs. Maybe a wedding, a sibling moving to the area, expecting a child and finding out you are actually having twins or triplets. Moral of the story leave a little room for growth when starting your home search.


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