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Norfolk Virginia has so much to offer!

There are several different factors that come into play when you decide you’re going to buy property in Norfolk Virginia. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time home buyer or if you’re going to retire soon and looking for a home where you can enjoy your leisure time, you want to be happy with the neighborhood you settle into. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a home only to find that you’ve selected a boring location. Norfolk is quite the opposite!

Checking out Norfolk home’s walkability, the number of bedrooms it has, and whether or not it has curb appeal are important. You can’t ignore those things, but you also can’t ignore the fact that you do have to live in the community and you want it to be a fun area.

Norfolk Naval Cruise

Norfolk is famous for its naval base. Norfolk Naval base has been around for a long time and has played an important role both in the development of the community, and helping defend the United States. Many famous people have sailed out of its port.

Norfolk Naval cruises offer you a great opportunity to see the base from a different perspective while also learning a little more about it. By the end of the tour you’ll have a much greater appreciation for the United States Navy.

In addition to being able to spend time on the Victory Rover, you can also choose to take advantage of a tour aboard the American Rover which is a multi-sailed ship.

The Farmers Market

Norfolk Farmers Market has become a huge event in Norfolk. Not only does a stop at the Norfolk Farmers market mean you get to indulge in some great, locally grown produce, but you’ll also find yourself reconnecting with lots of friends who you wouldn’t otherwise see. In addition to getting fresh food, take the time to talk to the vendors and improve your understanding of what it takes to get food on your plate. The vegetable and livestock producers will love talking to you and might even extend an invitation to check out their farm.


Norfolk is a truly beautiful place and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy it. Grab your bike or favorite pair of sneakers and hit the hiking trails. The number of hours you can spend wandering these trails and without seeing the same thing twice will amaze you. Make sure you bring your camera so you can capture the natural beauty.

Take in the Music Festival

Norfolk Music is an important part of life in Norfolk. Yale University constantly putting on performances that draw large crowds of people. The music festival in Norfolk traces its history all the way back to 1890 and it’s still going strong today. The music festival takes place in the form of summer long performances in the park. It’s a great way to enjoy spending some time with your family and soaking up some culture. Couples who pack a picnic basket find that the music creates the perfect mood for a great date.




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