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Sue’s Take on holiday home shopping….

Burr…..cold weather is coming, along with holidays, travel, sports, and lots of free time (not). A common myth in the real estate world is that selling or buying a home during the holiday season is a waste of time. In fact, research shows that this thinking is false. If homes are priced correctly, they sell quickly, at any time of year. Buyers can often find more inventories to view this time of year, because people incorrectly feel that no one wants to move during the winter. These are trumped up ideas. The real estate market has its slow times, In the past they were driven by seasons. This in no longer the case. Interest rates and news media play a bigger role today in creating lulls in the market. There are always homes available to buy or sell. This is why you need a professional agent to assist you in your buying or selling needs.

More myths about today’s winter real estate market are the possible rise in interest rates, the upcoming presidential elections and the uncertain job market. Speculation regarding the feds next move is just that, speculation. Don’t base your decision to buy or sell on something that you have no control over. A ¼ % rise in interest rates translates to a few dollars extra a month. Example ( use this calculator pick a price and adjust the rate up and down) The presidential election is 11 months away. At this time Donald Trump and Ben Carson are the GOP front runners. This too can change. All of the presidential nominees have various plans for the economy. Who knows which plan will work? Don’t let election promises influence your housing decision.  Employment concerns have been on everyone’s plate since the 2007 recession. The current job numbers suggest the better days are ahead. If you buy or sell before anything personal happens, you can be less concerned about how your financial qualifications will be affected. Buying a home can be a great asset toward retirement and in some cases Selling your home may allow  you to take advantage of the increased job market in other cities.

In summary, every season is real estate season. If you need to buy a property start looking now. If you want to sell now is also the time. Take control of your own future.

By: Sue Maclary – Realtor


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