Home Sales Up But Millennials Are Missing The Boat!


Millennials are an impressive generation!Millennials Capitalize on Bubble

With a better education than generations of past, millennials have adopted a live forever think outside the box attitude. This is expected to create decades of innovation and in many ways a new way of life.

Every generation back has looked at the generation in front and wondered how they were ever going to make it thinking like they do. Yet each one always has out performed the one before.

As the Baby Boomers look forward and back in generations  they see that the Millennials may miss the boat in securing Home Ownership as part of there financial future.

Millennials are not paying attention to a key factor in financial success. Land and property has been and always will be a key element in a retirement portfolio.  The Real Estate news about the housing bubble has scared them away. When they should be scrambling to buy a home while prices and interest rates are bottomed out. The wait and see approach is how you miss the boat.

A word of advice for Millennials ……….. Stop Paying Rent! Property Values are going up all across Hampton Roads, From the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to Smithfield.

As you direct deposit your rent payment (as most milennials don’t have checks) Remember you are investing in someone else’s future.

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