Single Women Buying Real Estate Inventory

Women Taking Real Estate by StormWho is Buying the Homes for Sale? Following behind investors in Real Estate are Single Women ……………. WHY?

According to NAR (The National Association of Realtors) Single women account for about 18 percent of the home buyers in Today’s Market compared to 10 percent Single Male Buyers.

Although there is no real answer for why this shift is happening, Numbers don’t lie. The show Women buying more homes then men by almost Two to One.

There comes a day in home ownership when the mortgage is paid off and the home becomes part of a retirement nest egg.

The purchase of a home always has been a solid long term investment, Even through the bubble if you look at any 10 year period Real Estate has been a positive investment. Have men lost sight of the value and pride in ownership?

Two other things have never changed for the average person, When you stop working your income goes down and when your mortgage is paid off your expenses go down.

If anyone thinks they know why the real estate market is trending to single women and away from single men post a comment and tell us what you think.




Choosing a Home Made Easy…
Don is completely dedicated to making his clients happy, not simply selling houses. Don worked tirelessly introducing me to the area and making sure I knew where I wanted to be, and then really took the time to find out exactly what I wanted. I am so happy with how seamlessly this whole process came together. After hearing horror stories of other first-time home buyers’ experiences, I can honestly say mine was a dream! Thanks Don. 


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