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Online Target Marketing, Homes for saleOnline Target Marketing of Homes for Sale is the key to Home Sales


When buying or selling a home today where do people start the process today?  Years ago they walked into the local real estate office and asked to speak to a Real Estate Agent or Realtor. They then sat down and discussed their needs of listing a home for sale or shopping for a home for the family.

Then along came the internet the information highway that brought information directly to your home computer. Good or Bad? Well actually both, on the good side it has no business hours to restrict when people can look at inventory. You can share the view miles away and all is seemingly perfect.

Wrong the day’s of a string tied from your tooth to a door knob for dentistry are long gone.

Professionals are needed, Doctor’s, Lawyer’s, Dentist’s, Pilot’s, Auto Mechanic’s and yes Real Estate Agents – Realtors.

For most people Doctor’s, Lawyer’s and Dentists it is clear why they need to use a professional. Pilot’s well some people have a license to fly but not everyone should try it. The Auto Mechanic is an area where many do their own routine maintenance, For major repairs for the most part the job requires tools and expertise not possessed by the average do it yourselfer who changes his or her oil in the garage.  Now lets go shopping everyone does that, We all shop for clothes, food, toys and even cars. Think about that have you ever purchased a car or boat that you regretted buying. Either the payment was more then you should have taken on a about 3 months later your budget was headed south, or the two door two seat car was awesome! Until you found out a baby was on the way.

Today’s Shoppers start on their Smart Phones…………. Buying and Selling Homes is not something to be taken lightly it is the single largest financial decision most people make in their lifetime, Determining what size makes the most sense, What Price Range, The importance of the Neighborhood Walk Score, Single Story, Two Story, How many bedrooms or baths, Etc, Etc.

Having a professional sit down with you and develop a target the fits you current and future needs and a budget picked by a lender should be the first step. Before spending countless hours looking online. Many of my clients looked for weeks before meeting with me only to find out with the right tools it only takes a few hours. First Time Home Buyers rarely realize that the seller in most cases pay’s the Real Estate Commission not the buyer.

Sellers today need the services of a Real Estate Agent – Realtor more then ever. Why? Because whit the Shoppers looking on their phones for Homes for Sale yours better be easy to find so it gets shown.

Online Target Marketing for Real Estate is a skill and is totally necessary to get the visibility needed for your home. Helpful Hint: If you type a Realtor’s name in Google and it is not glaringly obvious that person sells houses for a living, Don’t expect that Realtor to have the ability to market your home when they don’t market themselves in the same manor.

To discuss a marketing plan for your home or if your thinking it would be nice to own vs rent  make a no obligation appointment today is geared toward helping people relocate anywhere in the United States through it’s referral network in addition to the specific Online Target Marketing in the Hampton Roads Cities of Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Norfolk, Chesapeake and other outlying areas.

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This amazing realtor gets inside your head and figures out what you want even better than you can, then he finds it for you! He is a master negotiator. Not only is Don an amazingly effective realtor, he is also an outstanding man of integrity and a true friend. Not only will Don show you a home, he will also show you a community and help you to get to know and enjoy it.

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