Tips for Homeowners

Shopping for Homes in Hampton Roads

There’s a lot of great shopping that can be done in Hampton Roads, but shopping for a new home is … [Read more...]

What to do with this years TAX RETURN?

As we all know, many changes are coming before 2014. This could very well be your last tax return … [Read more...]

2014 Will Home Owners Over Power Investors?

  2013 has proved to be a year where investors were buying more single family homes then … [Read more...]

Page one search results is page 2 the new #1?

Mobile and Desktop searching has become a national past time. Or maybe more like a daily routine … [Read more...]

Mineral Stains from Well Water

The brown stains from the well water can be annoying. A business associate gave me a bottle of Whink … [Read more...]

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